Project Thumb


The essence of the Penedès. Cultivated almost throughout Catalonia, it is in our area where is most consolidated. Xarel·lo is one of the 3 varieties of Cava, but in last years still wines have appeared, trying to extract the immense potential of this grape.
It is our weakness! It has stolen our hearts! And our challenge is to achieve wines that express all the character of this vine and the essence of the vineyard where it comes from.
Project Thumb


Our methodology seeks the balance of the vineyard, showing the maximum respect for the environment and following an ecological and organic viticulture. Beyond getting certificates, following our convinctions.
Our goal is to obtain quality grapes that allow us to produce fresh, mineral, unique and, above all, expressive wines.
Project Thumb


Nowadays, the vineyards that we cultivate are distributed in different municipalities: Vilafranca del Penedés, La Munia, Font Rubí, Pacs and Sant Martí Sarroca.
All of them present typical singularities of their different types of soil: depth, insolation, orientation, planting frame and pruning methods.

No additives. Chemicals free since the vineryard to the bottle.

Manual harvest, in the right moment,with a good acidity.

Vineyard with characteristics that made them special.

Enviromental friendly farming, looking for a balanced ecosystem.

Where ?

Our Most Emblematic Vines...


From this small hill outside Vilafranca del Penedès, our first project was born.
The vineyard located on the east slope of the mountain of Sant Pau, has and outsanding soil.
Plenty of sea fossils and with a 7-degree pendant limiting the vigor of the plant, the grape from this vineyard has an exceptional complexity.
It is our proof of Xarel·lo's ability to absorb and express the minerality of the soil.


60-year-old vines, trained in Goblet in a stony, calcareous and not very fertile soils.
The grapes from these vines have always a unique acidity, while the phenolic part of the skin is ripe.
We love to think that the freshness of Lluerna is due to this vineyard. As it is unusual that a ripe grape holds acidity so well.


In this Tempranillo vineyard, few kilometros are enough to show soil differences.
On a flat terrain, the vineyard has the peculiarity of having two different soil zones: the northern rather clayey, and the southern area sandy. This compel us to harvest in two phases due the difference in grape maturation.
As a result, the wine from this heterogeneous vineyard it's the one we look for the Saltamarti. A wine with little extraction, but elegant and wide, mineral and with our characteristic freshness.


This vineyard caught our attention due its peculiar soil, plenty of see fossils.
Our continuous seek of wines with personality and character promote our weakness for this kind of vineyards.
Flat terrain and with a calcareous soil, the 50-years-old vines produce exceptional grapes, both in opulence and acidity.
This Macabaeu is outstanding, unic!