We are Amós and Alex, winegrowers, winemakers, and wine lovers.
Our dream was to create wines that express all the character and richness of the terroir and the vine, seeking the Nature success with a minimum human intervention.
Els Vinyerons is our commitment with those authentic natural wines.

About Natural Wines

There is not consensus about the definition of natural wines, but everyone agrees in two ideas, not added sulphites and minimum human intervention.
For us, natural wines they are the best expression of the vineyard, the essence of the grapes. Of course, local varieties

About Our Project

Els Vinyerons Vins Naturals is the result of our motivation to produce the wines we love. With this aim, we started a deep and long process to select those vineyards with the potential to communicate through their fruit, the essence of a variety, land and landscape.

We keep seeking vineyards all around our territories and only when we get excited for some location is when we decide to go ahead with a new wine. We both agree there was no other way than produce natural wines and with local varieties.

Spontaneous yeasts, few intervention, no enological products, letting the wine go their own way and passion for wine! This is our philosophy,